Industry Leaders Reveal Everything They Would Do

To Go From Rags To Riches If They Had To Restart As A Brand New Insurance Agent...

In Only 30 Days!

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From The Desk Of: Mason VanMeter

Date: Thursday, November 23, 2023

Subject: 30 Days Away From YOUR Success Story

Dear Friend,

Have you ever thought

This whole insurance thing isn't all it's cracked up to be...?

I see other agents talking about how many IUL's they sold... their free leads... making money.

It honestly seems like a LOT of fun... but...

"How am I, a total beginner, with no good leads, no confidence, no good mentor... ever going to make the kind of money they say you can?

My name is Mason VanMeter, and I'm the founder of a company called Running Buddies Academy...

Yes, I'm that dude speaking at one of my good friend's events he puts on for insurance agents just like you and me...

But what a lot of people don't know, is that every day I have new agents joining into my coaching programs, to build an actual business...hoping their wildest dreams come true...

Many make it... as you can see from the pictures...

But many more, do not.

And that causes me to go almost insane...

So I asked all of my most successful students, and some of my friends who happen to be extremely successful in the business...

"Hey <Insert Bad Ass Agent's Name Here>

Let me ask you a question...

Everything you have built has been taken from you and you have to start over from ground zero, along with all your reputation, customers, and you only have your skills left.

You have lead vendors harassing you for money, your debt from bills is stacking higher and higher, and things are looking worse than grim. You almost want to ask God to come down and save you.

Plus, you have a place to call home, a cell phone, internet access, and a coaching program that has taught you the needed skills.

You no longer have your big company to rely on, no social media following, or business partners. Other than your sales and marketing knowledge, you're completely starting over as a newbie with an insurance license.

What would you do, for the next 30 days to get out of this hole and achieve glory and prosperity?

-Mason VanMeter

I Wanted To Know What Their Step By Step Blueprint Was To Get Back To The Top

-Day #1... what would you do?
-Day #2... what would you do?
-Day #3... what would you do?

...Day 5, and 6, all the way to day 30.

I must admit, I was hesitant to ask them all... but just moments after the ask, I began to get really excited waiting to hear their answers.

Over the next 72 hours, the replies flooded in from elite agents telling me their stories of when they were LITERALLY in that same spot...

No Leads, No Social Following, A Complete Barren Wasteland... And Then Pointing Out, Step-By-Step What They Did Day After Day!

These weren't just cuttle little ideas they sent me for shits and giggles, but their war plans. Their mapped out strategies of how they would win the 30 day war against poverty. The battle of Good and Evil. Prosperity Vs Poverty.

Some Made Me Spit Out My Drink...

Some Made Me Relive The Pain With Them, Reminding Me Of What My Journey Was Like...

And Using The Skills They Have Now, Precisely What THEY Would Do If They Were Completely Restarting!

Some of these people came from 9-5's they despised...

Others felt like they were losing the battle in life...

Others saw a glimpse of Prosperity and wanted to chase it, almost like that inner kid came back out...

But all of them ended up in the same place... In the spotlight for everyone to see, with more success than they dreamed possible!

Now let me tell you, I have read hundreds of books that promised me the world and only gave me a small island, Ughhh, and I have read books that have completely reshaped my life, but NEVER have I EVER seen protocols and strategies like these!

I spent countless hours looking at their plans, trying to find the cracks and flaws in them, the weakness in the foundation, but they were nearly impenetrable. Right in that moment, I knew beyond belief, that if an agent followed and executed on these plans step by step,  they would have no excuses to not be successful. 

I Could Hardly Believe The Gold Mine I Struck!

The best part though... was this was just the start.

More plans started coming back to me. I was just like Holy Shit. They left me absolutely mesmerized.  

After reading even more of them, they left me with no doubt that if Agents got their hands on this information, the industry would be popping out more and more millionaires each year, and they could achieve whatever they wanted.

I wanted to share this instantly with every agent I could get in front of.

Everyone Who Has Ever Had An Insurance License... Needs These Plans.

And due to 92% of agents, if not more, failing each year, I wanted to get these plans in their hands as quick as possible. I wanted to lower that percentage as much as possible.

I decided to message all my friends back.

Would You Be Willing To Help Me Get These Skills In The Hands Of The Agents Who Want To Win No Matter What...


At first, some were skeptical, and one even called me crazy for wanting to do this for you.

But then someone agreed...

And then another one. And another one.

Soon EVERYONE OF THEM Agreed To Come Do A Video Interview To Help You Master One Skill A Piece For You TO Use Over The Next 30 Days.

So who are these rockstars and complete bad asses that are going to help you, and each share one skill, that stacks on the previous, so you can use each one over the next 30 days... on your journey to the top. 

This is not some simple training. This is the exact blueprint you are going to follow over the next 30 days to get more accomplished in a month, then you did all of last year.

These are Prosperitans who are crazy enough like me, to serve you at a degree you have never experienced. And you get limited time access to their interviews!

Allow Me To Introduce The People Who Are Crazy Enough Like Me To Help You

Tony Merwin

Getting Licensed

Getting Licensed is the first step. Tony will lead the way.

Mason VanMeter

PROFIT Framework

Using the Profit Framework you will be able to get anyone to buy anything from you.

Joe Kampert

Identity Shedding

Ditch the 9-5 Employee mindset, and step into the person you were meant to be.

Cody Askins

Limiting Beliefs

This man will need no introduction. He runs a very special conference.

Lauryn Boorstein

Success Story

This single mother is destroying the competition and will show you how.

Adam Lindsay


Former RBA client, now turned agent extraordinaire. He will help you get locked in.

Joshua Youngs

Product Beliefs

Why it is so important to believe in what you are selling? Well that's what Joshua is best at.

Greg Gurbikian

Sell The Problem

Sell the problem, not the solution. This author will be walking you through his success.

Keahi Ho 

40K A Month

Keahi is going to walk you through volume and closing lots of deals over the phone.

Tim Thompson

Cold Door Knocking

No leads? No problem. Tim is going to give you ins and outs of getting free clients.

Kandy Robertson

Unl. Free Leads

Unlimited free leads for the agent who dares follow this amazing woman's social media tips

Todd McLain

Paid Ads   

Let's unleash a campaign's true performance and get our team selling policies.

Mariah Gates

CRM & Automation

Mariah will walk you through the automations and system you need as an agent.

Alex Saleh

25-30 Referrals

Alex will help you get 2 more clients from every person you sell, all for FREE.

David Duford

Growing An Agency

Learn the secrets from the OG in our industry, David will share his top secrets of DIG Agency.

Scott Schnitzer

Values & Leadership

There isn't a bigger heart in the industry than this guy's. Jim will help you build a team that stays.

Carson Porter

Cross Selling Guru

Carson is a madman with all things insurance. He will get you writing half a million a year.

Brad Sullivan

Managing Agency

Ever wonder what you need to do to get your team running? Brad will get you going in no time.

Jordan Shank

Recruiting Genius

Jordan is going to turn on the recruiting pipelines for you, and start filling you up with agents.

Miranda Martin

Booking Appointments

Miranda is going to help you load up your calendar and never have a lazy day again with John Ziller.

Josh Lennert

Get Shit Done

Josh is a no BS agent. He is going to get you productive and busy without being emotional.

David Hadley

10X Easier Than 2X

The title says it all. David will show you why the harder path is actually way easier.

Ashly Mistretta

Team Building

Ashly is going to give you the ins and outs of team building, and having hard convos with them.

Amy Knirsch


Learn to bring on new agents effortlessly. Streamline your onboarding process.

Victor Gonzalez

Buying Leads

Which leads are the best? Where do they come from. Well you are about to find out.

Steve Ludwig

Role Of A CEO

Find out exactly what you should be doing if you are the CEO of your own business.

Rhys Herle 

Hiring Pt 2

Now that you're in a new tax bracket, let's keep as much of the money as possible.

Nate Ivie

Picking Products

Which products are the best for what clients. What carrier do they come from. We got your answer.

Mason VanMeter

Habits, Manage Emotions

Learn to flip the switch in your head, and completely shut off your emotions.

Collin Bingham

Content Consumption

Where should you be finding coaching as an agent? What should you be listening to?


Register Now And Learn How In Just 3 Days!

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I Want To GIVE You Access To All 30 Interviews... So You Can Grab The Same Skills That Skyrocketed Their Success!

Now don't just believe me whole heartedly.

I'm not here for a quick cash grab.

So Mason... What's The Catch Then?!?!

Well, unlike most Guru's who are just selling you products on how to make money...

I don't make money Teaching agents how to make more sales

I have the luxury of owning the coaching company Running Buddies Academy.

Yes, Running Buddies Academy is the BACKBONE to the success of hundreds of agents.

The ONE thing these AGENTS all have in common, is they made money using our coaching programs to 10X their businesses with the needed secrets and skills!

So unlike everyone else who just wants to sell you leads or recruit you, I'm under no pressure to do such things and can just GIVE you this training.

Instead, I just have to help you launch and build your agency... and when you do run into problems, I simply hope you consider using Running Buddies Academy to solve them.

You're getting this... right?

Because Of That, I'm Able To Simply HAND YOU A Training Course We Could Easily Sell For $4,000...

I'd LOVE to see other people in the space Over Deliver like that. ha ha.

They won't... well... because they simply CAN'T.

They make money selling you leads, courses, blah blah blah. I make money by actually getting you to achieve something... HUGE DIFFERENCE

So HERE Is The ONLY Catch...

I Want To GUARANTEE You Watch And Execute Each One Of These Skills And Secrets...

So, I'm Gonna Give You A Short 72-Hour Access Where You Can Watch Them...

(All You Need To Do Is Register To Get The Limited-Time Pass

And Then They Are Gone.

So yes, that means You should BLOCK OUT that time in your calendar...

Immerse yourself in the training and play all in...

Take detailed notes of each session before they disappear forever...

And then construct YOUR 30 day battle plan from what you learned...

So that is my surprisingly evil intention... to guarantee you actually watch, listen, learn, and execute on these GIFTS that these 30 speakers are giving you?

I want to ask your permission... Is it okay with you if we go over board and over deliver....?

Here's A Small Serving Of What We Will Be Giving You...

  • ​You'll learn how to detach from your emotions, almost like you had a switch in your brain to shut off that voice telling you you're not good enough
  • ​You'll discover the new sales framework on how to dominate conversations with questions ONLY, and how to implant ideas in your customer's head, secretly getting them to want to buy the product without them even realizing what you're doing
  • ​You will master the art of always knowing how to spend your time, and wisely I might add, so you never have another day where you feel guilty about not getting the important things done
  • ​You will uncover ways to create customers on demand for FREE through the use of covert social media strategies from a special guest who is a master of social media marketing
  • ​You will get the strategy on getting more referrals than your calendar can handle. What will your calendar look like when every customer sends you two more?
  • ​You will learn the hidden and lost art, of attracting A players into your agency effortlessly, and get the systems to manage them so they always stay consistent with writing record breaking months

...And That's Just From A Minority Of Our Featured Guests!

That's all there is to it...

Just a non-negotiable you need to make to yourself and your future.

-To Register
-To Show Up
-To Execute

You know how the old blacksmith saying goes: "You have to strike while the iron is hot..."

Well the iron is scorching red right now, and you have all the motivation from the start of a new year, so strike and shape your future while you can

Happy Hustling my friend, and I'll see you on the inside when you get this!

-Mason VanMeter

P.S - Just for a small recap,

When you register for free, you'll get access to 30 speaker interviews from absolute killers and winners who are going to give you the secrets and skills you need, that if you lost everything and had to rebuild over the next 30 days, for free, to use to achieve success again. And when you register, you are going to get a special bonus presentation to show you how to shortcut the process.

Is it okay if over perform?

All you have to do now is register:


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