Why You Are Running Away From Yourself

Monday, November 06, 2023

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As a 22 year old brand new to entrepreneurship, I was unaware of how much self confrontation and self discovery I would soon have to face. I was a poster boy, for running away from my emotions and not knowing how to confront myself. 

This industry has a way of making you deal with your most fearsome and ferocious voices telling you that YOU will NEVER make it, you are not enough, and you belong somewhere else. I will show you how to confront these leis head on, with an army of gladiators ready to back you up, IF you are willing to fight and stand up for the things you SAY you want. 

When I first got into this industry, my emotional forefront was lacking heavy, and I was incapable at the time of solving basic mental issues. It was almost like running through a maze that actually had no end to it. Later I discovered I would have to forge my own way out. 

I remember one of the most hardest things for me to do was having hard conversations with people I respected a lot at the time, even though I knew deep down they did not have my own best interests at heart. And it kind of sucked, I felt alone. It took me too long to realize no one genuinely cared about me, and no one was coming to save me. 

I got in a bit of a pickle where I had to walk around egg shells, because I was trying to play both sides of the fence, and do what factory work taught me. Suck up to the bosses. And it all become gossip hour before too long, just like the good ole' high school days. I was having conversations I believed to be private, little did I know these people were sharing my dirty laundry with one another, and then later I was confronted for it. 

This was the first time I ever had a conversation where I was so nervous as to what would happen, and my throat felt as if it had downed a glass of sand. It was chalky, dry, and felt constricted. I could barely get any words out trying to cover my own ass. Little did I know and truly realize at the time, I was a 1099 which meant I could do and say whatever I wanted. 

But at that time I was new, and had no clue what I was doing, and it felt scary. It felt like a whirlwind of negative emotions like anger, confusion, and sadness plagued me for the whole day. You see it is my belief that most agents do not fail because of their fear of failure, the leads, or their training. I believe it to be from the opposite. The fear of success is what causes this emotional turmoil. 

Even though I sucked I knew what to expect, and it was comfortable. I didn't realize that in order for me to be successful, I would have to learn to respect and love myself. To mean what I say, and say what I mean. Success meant I had to become someone I wouldn't recognize, I would have to shed my current identity as a snake sheds its skin, and become something totally new. Somebody totally new. 

Sounds easier than it is to actually do though, I will admit. I had to learn to quit the voices in my head, and not pay attention to the things that placed metaphorical weight on me, slowing me down.  One of the greatest tools that helped me with this was David Goggins book, "Can't Hurt Me." 

I had to begin to trust myself, and my word had to become law. If I said I was going to do something, that meant I had to do it no matter what, because I simply said it. I turned thoughts and words into reality. Pretty powerful right? Through doing the things I said I would do, no matter what emotion or feeling was present at the time, I began developing thick skin, almost like a crocodile or a turtle shell, or maybe even a tank. I was reinforcing my armor. 

But by going through the emotions, I began to look at myself as a different person. I was taking actions based on the person I wanted to become, and doing things I knew he would do. He didn't make excuses. He didn't lie. He did the right thing no matter what. He was a badass and did what his duties demanded no matter what. Through these small wins I built momentum, self respect, and began to really admire and love myself as a person and what value I had to offer in this world. 

Through keeping busy I silenced the voices who would dare to contradict what I said I was going to do. Maybe I used that as a crutch, or faked it until I made it, but I view it through the lens of doing things in alignment with how the person I am in the future, the version of me who has everything he wants, does things. Easy cheat code you can take from me. 

Becoming successful to me meant I would have to sacrifice everything I currently knew and loved, but it was worth it to me, so I was willing to pay the price.

So the first step to dealing with your emotions is to change your actions in accordance to match those with the person you want to be. If you take new actions, you will see the same things in a different way than before. You will understand why you felt certain things, you will come to understand yourself.

Another super duper simple thing you can start doing today is being aware of how you feel at any given moment. The moment you are feeling something negative acknowledge it. Say I am feeling X. And ask yourself why. Don't run from it, no matter what. Be resilient. The best thing you can do after realizing and becoming aware of what you are feeling, is to reframe what is causing that emotion. 

You must look at whatever caused that event and try to see it in a different light, what can you learn from the event? What is the most positive purpose that information could serve? Did it teach you something you were unaware of at the time? 

It is truly amazing the effects emotions have, and through your entrepreneurial journey you will come to love, appreciate, and respect them. They are there for you to tap into, an unlimited supply of energy and understanding you can use freely if you know how to use them properly. And I will teach you how. 

You see our emotions are actually just information stored in our cells. When a negative emotion is introduced, our unconscious mind instantly stores that information so it can introduce it later for you to process the information. How do these come up? Well usually any negative emotion that is introduced is a matter of perception is projection. Our beliefs shape our reality. 

When we are offended by something for example, it is just a reflection of our inner world. Trust me I know it is a bitter pill to swallow. It was for me too. Things that appear to offend us or rub us the wrong way on the outside, is a direct message from your unconscious mind that you're not okay with something on your inside. Usually we are so oblivious to it. We like to project onto others what we are insecure about.  Because we can only see in others what we understand about ourselves, even if we refuse to acknowledge it. Pretty crazy right? 

So the simplest thing to do is to start growing what I call your reality muscle. You must detach from your own opinion, and look at things objectively. In other words get of your own head. You must try to see things for what they truly are, and see things from all sides. There are 3 sides to every coin. Heads, tails, and the side of the coin, or the edge. Same thing with perception. Most people are stuck from point A looking at point B and vice versa. But there is a side C, which can understand and look at both sides. That is where you want to be. 

So in order for you to USE your emotions, no matter what you feel, here is a simple framework to guide your actions. The moment you feel something, you ACT INSTANTLY.  We have all heard that "Idle hands are the devil's play toys." It is so true. The moment you decide not to act, you begin to question yourself and introduce doubt. So act instantly. A Shitty plan today is better than a perfect one tomorrow. So just take movement. The laws of energy will take hold after that. Just do not remain inert. Take action instantly and watch how much more you begin to trust and respect yourself for acting regardless of how you feel. Hold yourself accountable. And reward yourself when you do things that are hard.

So go out in your business and use this. It will never harm you, only help propel you forward. It is perfectly okay for you to feel things, even negative emotions. It does not matter if you are pissed off at the world, upset, confused, or even lost. It is perfectly okay to use these things. I have often found anger is my most powerful driver in working. It gets me to do things I would not normally do. So go out there and take over the world my fellow Prosperitan. I am here with you every step of the way. I am rooting for you no matter if the world is against you. When you are knocked down remember the words I have spoken to you, and let them be your guiding light to a life where you can have whatever you want,  because you were willing to do it. I am extremely proud of you my dear friend. 

Happy Hustling Prosperitan,
Mason VanMeter

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