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Tuesday, May 23, 2023

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Being BROKE fucking sucks right?

Not too long ago I was in that pickle...

Being broke wasn't a new thing to me. I grew up with my best friend poverty at the time. He was always right there with me. Needed lunch money? Too bad. Needed new clothes? Too bad. Needed baseball uniforms? TOO DAMN BAD.

When I was 16, I worked for a while at McDonalds, and while I tried to look and sound cool in front of the other workers, I was secretly stealing the fry cartons that had peel and scratch monopoly stickers where I could win free food. That ENTIRE year I lived off of those stickers, two McChickens, and a Large sweet tea every. Single. Day.

Talk about living the life right? A broke 16 year old who drove a car with no AC and a broken window. A real winner if you ask me. Fast forward to one of the biggest valleys I ever walked through. I got my insurance license. After failing the test the first time, I passed it on the second and was ready to take over the world.

When I first started with Symmetry, (No I do not recommend them), I tried being a good boy. I was brand new to this whole 1099/wantrepreneur thing. So I trusted the people who were above me, my "Uplines", as they called themselves. I THOUGHT they had my best interest at heart. Little did I know that was the furthest thing from the truth.

But at the time I did what I was told. "Mason buy $500 worth of leads this week. Mason make 600 dials. Mason buy $743 worth of leads this week. Mason make 1000 calls this week. Mason fetch this stick. Mason bring it back. It took me a while to realize that I wasn't a fucking dog, and I was done playing fetch for the idiots telling me what to do. 

This is the equivalent of a fat person trying to tell someone how to lose weight. Ironic eh? I was tired of being broke and bossed around. I started looking elsewhere for help, and did I find it. I begin spending tens of thousands of dollars on coaching programs, and it resulted in me writing over $350K of annual premium my first year as a new agent.

But that isn't what matters to you, it is how I did that, with no sales experience. So that is what I want to give you today. My P.R.O.F.I.T Framework for selling. I PROMISE, if you use this, you'll blow other agents mediocre results out of the water, and you'll pass your uplines up which is my hope. I hope you dominate this industry. I hope you double what I did my first year. I hope you make me look like a complete fool. Because that is the mark of a great teacher. Student surpasses teacher in knowledge and results. You can safely assume I will hold nothing back unlike your IMO and agency owner.

So here is my P.R.O.F.I.T Framework for selling, that will get everyone you talk to to give you a yes or a no. This will remove the uncertainty from your sales.

  • P-Pry Their Reason
  • ​R-Reveal Their Issue
  • ​O-Outline Their Roadblocks
  • ​F-Free Them From Their Cage
  • ​I-Isolate Their Inactivity
  • ​T-Transform Their Identity

So now let's break this down, and I will include a video below explaining it further.

First we have to Pry Their Reason. We have to find out why on God's green earth are they taking time out of their busy lives, to meet with an insurance agent. This first part is what most agents will skip right over and wonder why they didn't make the sale.

This is where you find out what specifically will happen as a sequence of events, a result of them dying. For example Tom is 32 and has 2 kids and a wife. What are the actions that his wife and 2 kids have to take if Tom died last week. Saying I want to protect my family is surface level bullshit. Find out what exactly happens. If you do this correctly, you introduce a repressed emotion.

So by you finding out what happens, you are twisting the proverbial dagger in their back, making them walk through the pain of dealing with a problem they were not aware they had. it will feel so bad they will do anything to get out of it. If you introduce the emotion correctly, they will sell themselves.

After that You Reveal Their Issue. You literally repeat word for word what they just told you. This let's them know YOU were listening. This is how to build rapport unconsciously, because they feel understood, and you articulated their problem the correct way, and the crazy part is, THEY TOLD YOU WHAT IT WAS.

Next We Outline Their Roadblocks. We find out everything they have tried to solve the problem, but weren't successful with. We let them know you were 6 inches away from Gold, would you like to know why what you tried didn't work. And we cast rocks and doubt at the things they tried. We make it not their fault, we tell them they were screwed from the beginning because they were missing the one key thing this whole time. US. Someone has to bridge the gap for them and change their belief. 

After we point out why their plans didn't well, go to plan, we ask them if they would like to hear how our solution works. We then FREE Them From Their Cage, the prison they locked themselves inside of. We are the key to their handcuffs restraining them. This is where we let them know what they will experience as a result of purchasing. 

I'll make a quick analogy of how to use this. I sell coaching programs to insurance agents, and part of that is accountability. But I don't say "Hey I'm going to hold you accountable." I say "Hey remember when you were a kid and your mom would tell you to take a shower? You sulked a little bit but then you took a shower. Do you still take showers today? Exactly. Because you had external accountability turn into an internal habit. That's exactly what you're going to get from me and my team."

The agent now knows exactly what they can expect from buying. This is called managing your customer's expectations. They need to understand what life is going to be like with buying and using our product. So sell with stories or analogies like that. They don't care about what it is, they only care about what they are going to get. 

After that we Isolate Their Inactivity, or deal with every objection for them not making a decision to move forward when we know that they know that they need this. There are only 3 reasons for inactivity, Stalls, Decision Makers, And Price. If you get a price objection it's your fault by the way. I will explain how to deal with all 3 of these on the video below this.

Lastly, we Transform Their Identity by them buying the policy and admitting we helped them solve their problem. You see people don't buy products, they buy identities. They aren't buying an insurance policy, they are buying the label they want to believe to be true about themselves. They have a hidden agenda. You see it's not our job to sell them a policy, that is theirs. Our job as agents is to help them become aware of a problem they didn't know existed. 

Our job is to rewrite the false belief they have, the BS story they are telling themselves internally about the problem and why it has not been solved. If you skip any part of this sales process you won't have the identity shift I promise. I could pick apart any of your sales calls you didn't close on, and identify what part of the framework you missed. If you don't give them the emotional epiphany they need to shift their identity, I promise you, you will have more chargebacks than an FFL agent who only sells Americo CBO policies. 

So I hope this helps you sell a shit ton of policies in all honesty. Here is the sales training your IMO can't provide and your upline just doesn't understand. I want you to do better than me okay? That is the mark of a good Teacher. Student surpasses teacher. I want you to go write a million dollars worth of business if that's what you desire. You now have the tool to do it. 

If you would like to join one of my coaching programs to get you to become an elite producer who doesn't worry about money (We call those agents Prosperitans in my community), email my team at support@runningbuddiesacademy.com or if you want free coaching go to https://www.runningbuddiesacademy.com/mifgeopt and claim your access to the Most Incredible Free Gift Ever For Insurance Agents. 

And as promised I will have a video training below explaining all of this so you can go get rich, and join me on Running Buddies Academy's Mission to protect 100,000,000 families with Life Insurance.

Happy Hustling My Prosperitan,
Mason VanMeter

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