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Sunday, October 15, 2023

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Get Your Head In The Gutter

     You've probably heard get your head or mind out of the gutter before right?

What does that even mean? And the way that most will try to advise you on this, they are really telling you to stick your head IN the gutter.

I'm taking an educated guess when I say your journey with entrepreneurship might be looking a lot like me on the right.

This was how I felt every day at the beginning of coming into this crazy thing called being an entrepreneur. 

There were days I didn't care if I woke up. 

There were days I felt i was on the verge of a major breakthrough and pivoting point in my life. 

It wasn't until I took an NLP class (Neuro Linguistic Programming) that my entire life changed

I realized my problem wasn't my real problem, it was the words I used to LABEL the perceived problem.

Now before I break this down, pardon me while I geek out because the human brain, is what I am most passionate about. Understanding why we are the way we are, feels like I am learning the secrets of the Universe. 

You see, when we witness an event, or experience something, something is happening behind the scenes. Our Unconscious mind is always downloading around 11,000,000-13,000,000 bits of information per second. 

It breaks that down to about 126. So we are deleting, generalizing, and distorting almost 99% of the information we download from the event in an instant. And consciously we can only pull up 5-9 chunks of information. 

This is why two or three people can see the SAME EXACT thing, but have totally different meanings and experiences. 

Because our brain, is deleting, generalizing, and distorting the information based on our previous life experiences, and our model of the world we got from 0-7 years old when we found out what is true, based on what others told us.

You see when we are just kids, our brains are not developed enough to think critically for ourselves, so we take other's words and beliefs uncritically. We are all suggestible as kids.

That forms your whole world view growing up. So when we see something happen later in life, we only look at a few pieces of information, and then we label the event with our words. It is all based on perception, when we really rarely have the full picture or scope of things. 

Now based on how we view the event and label it, that is what forms our perception or mental image of the event. Our unconscious mind doesn't understand words, it thinks in pictograms. This is called an internal representation.

So based on that image of how we view it, that dictates our emotional state. Let's reference the picture below.

Based on our emotion we are feeling due to how we perceived the event and information, that ultimately controls our behavior. Your behavior and actions are what is responsible for your results.

An easy way to change your behavior is to change your physiology, or your body language. We can do a simple exercise to prove this. Go ahead and try smiling. And stand up tall and proud with your arms in the air like you just 

did something impossible. Make your smile even bigger. And then try to feel sad. It doesn't work. 

Learning this completely changed my life and the perspective lens I view the world through. I learned a cheat code that day to completely control my emotions and detach from the it has to be this way or that way mental model

society has made us believe in.  Very rarely are things black and white, there is a lot of gray. I learned I can make whatever I want mean whatever I want. And because of that, it has liberated me to view things differently, and 

use behavioral control as a technique to get whatever I want in life. It has taken years of work, but it can be done by anyone.

So I want you to realize, most of your success in any venture of life, will be predicated and based on how you are perceiving the information from what you are experiencing. It is the mental frame you build that is responsible.

So if you want different results, build a different perspective. You must believe things to be true. We live in a world of paradoxes my friend. Where two things can be true at the exact same time. That may sound crazy so i want to give two examples.

I am a person who has ambition, but I am not an ambitious person. Sounds crazy right? But that means to me personally I have ambition to use when it is something important to me. if I don't care, why waste energy?

Our brain is designed to conserve energy, it's what we are biologically and neurologically predisposed to. 

Another example. I care about what people say, but I also don't give a damn about other's opinions. How's that for a perspective shift. I only listen to people are where I want to be in life, why would I take advice on how to lose weight from someone who is overweight? Are you getting this? Is this making sense?

So if you want to change your life, change your perspective and watch how much easier things will fall in place for you. Your beliefs dictate every single thing you do, so question them, especially the beliefs you believe the most.

Happy Hustling Party Person,
Mason VanMeter

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Hi, I Am Mason VanMeter

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