7 Quotes from Plato 22 year old Me Needed

Friday, January 26, 2024

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7 Quotes from Plato 22 year old Me NEEDED

We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark, the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light. What a most appropriate quote to analyze the modern culture of men today. I'm going to give you the top 7 quotes from Plato that are more relevant for men today than they have ever been.

​This is me talking to 22 year old Mason who was slaving away in a factory, to pay for lifestyle and relationship i thought i wanted. 

So Plato was around the time of 420 BC if that's even a real thing, who knows these damn books and stories have been altered by people who would like you to believe in certain shit. He and his mentor Socrates are a huge part of western philosophy. And Plato's mentor was a hell of a dude regardless of what you hear about him. Let me tell you about the man that is inspiring this thought process.

When he was in court facing exile or death, for supposedly corrupting the youth, the voted for him to die in the jury. Back then both the jury and defendant could propose a punishment. And they thought if they said death that he would say exile. This dude was so steadfast in his beliefs and moral compass, he said death, and told them that he deserved to be given free meals for life because he was doing Athens a service.

The second quote I have for you,

"I am the wisest man alive for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing."

Why this is so deep beneath the surface to me is the weight this quote holds in my heart. This always challenges me to question everything i believe, especially the things that i believe most to be true, the things I don't even question, things beyond the shadow of a doubt. Those should be challenged most. Whatever you think you know, scrap it when there is a better way forward. Reject the ideas that are completely unusable and unsuitable to you and your moral compass.

​Never think something is yours, because everything is given to us as we are simply borrowing it for a time while we are here, and all things must be returned at some point, even this body will return to its elements. Time is your most previous resource, guard it with your life. Up next we have

“The measure of a man is what he does with power.”

Meaning are you generous and charitable even when you don't feel like it, do you let people walk all over you like you were born a doormat, with no ability to dust yourself off and get the fuck back up when society is hoping you stay cowered down, scared of rising up to the challenge. Are you someone worthy of respect, have you accomplished things that other people will be inspired by, and that basement dwellers will call you racist and fascist for.

Do women melt around you and break rules they set for lesser men hoping one will get her to want to break them, or do they leave you cold and cynical, with a ruthless distaste towards the most prized gems in our world, the most beautiful beings to exist, our seasoning to life and magical experiences. Now coming up we have

"Those who tell the stories rule society."

What you think you know about the world and how you see reality is an illusion. You have been fed beliefs and perceived truths from others since the day you were born. 90% of your thoughts are from your parents and close family and friends since a young age. That becomes your world view later on, and that is the lens you judge or measure things by. Politics, news, government. Rappers, authors, they all tell you what they want you you to believe, they shape narratives and control information.

Algorithms are a modern day book burning ceremony in the way they put sponsored, doctored and untruthful ideas on the front page, while hiding and suppressing truthful information based on facts over feelings. This is the importance of being intelligent, and learning to communicate and understand things on a deeper level. This is all setting up the next quote and you'll love how I tie this in.

Because if you ever want to build a business or become famous you'll need to know how to build a following and be polarizing to people. You have to engineer your ideas and conversations in a way that gets people to act and feel a certain way, you have to make them believe you're someone worth listening to. Which sets up a quote #5 i want to share with you,

“Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood let alone believed by the masses.”

I want to help you see things the way they are , people for what they are, things for what they are, ideas for what the truly represent. I'm going to help you become a man that other men want to be, and that women want to fuck.  This is the importance of telling the truth and remaining true to your moral compass, and knowing what hills you will die on if they are worth it.

Do not conform the definitions and standards that other try to apply to you, to get you to become the version of you that best serves them. It is okay to be selfish and go after what you want. If youve been asking for permission to be great, here it fucking is. Up next we have

"The madness of love is the greatest of heavens blessings."

You are going to find love and you are going to lose it, for that is the unfortunate burden of life. You are going to have your heart broken.

You are going to have nights where you stay up until 3 am, asking why, how, what did you miss, how is this my fault, this is exactly what i did when my ex fiancé dumped me. I called my close guy friends to talk about it, and i even cried, would i do that now, absolutely not, and even if I did, she would never know. Never show a sign of weakness with women, they don't understand it and they'll deem you weak and not worthy of respect in her eyes.

The only bargaining point I had in my relationship was the ability to walk away, and I didn't use it because I wasn't aware how female nature worked. Now that you know, Let it go, go find a new one. There are tons of beautiful women, there are very few accomplished men, supply and demand is on our favor. You are the prize. Women are creatures of emotion, they are slaves to their emotions in our eyes. But in their eyes, what they call emotions is what we men call logic.

We call them crazy but in all reality, how can they be, meaning if every women understands each other just like we men do, how can they be wrong? They do what makes them feel right, we do what makes sense, its how we are different, its why we are good at different things. But do not lose sight that you're a man for one second, because they are begging and hoping you will just unleash her feminine side. In their eyes their like he's a man if he wants me hell come get me, they believe real men are entitled to what they want.

They might call it male privilege because of societal norms, but what good is male privilege if we don't fucking exercise it. Wouldn't it be more disrespectful not to use it? Just like women have female privileges that they have no problem using, like being able to dig up old shit like a plunger from 8 years ago and treat you like you just did it all over again. They don't ever forget anything, so be careful how you act. Do not meet them with feminine energy, they'll think you're a coward.

They fantasize about the man that puts her in her place and doesn't take her bullshit. For quote number 7 we have,

"Death is not the worst thing that can happen to man."

You can choose right now to scrap that latest book you've been writing called the life of me, and choose to write a new book called the life of he. You can author your own journey by setting out to do real things and accomplish goals, and build businesses, and have meaningful relationships and experiences, you can travel to the most beautiful and sacred places in the world, you can write the book of he based on the superhero you built and the live you lived. And if you're willing to pay the price of admission, you can have a best seller, your dream life, your paradise.

If you want to know the best way to build that life and business, go check out runningbuddiesacademy.com  And because I'm a great person, i am giving you a bonus quote that has served me extremely well. Bonus quote-

"The greatest wealth is to live content with little."

You're going to hit this point in your life where clutter has accumulated, i encourage you to get rid of it for a season of your life, sleep on the floor, eat healthily and build better habits, focus on finding your motivations and goals that are about excellence and accomplishment, and chasing after the most beautiful things in life. Being purpose driven over pleasure driven. Understand everything you have is borrowed and you must pay endless rent for the things you have in your possession, mental and physical. Hit the gym and get abs.

If you want a strong mind that does not tolerate bullshit, weakness, mediocrity, or peer pressure, you must become a strong man with a strong body. Understand your work works on you more than you work on it, iron sharpens iron. Mastermind with the men who have the things you want and know how to get you there, and emulate success. Do not hang out with 4 losers unless you wish to become the fucking 5th. Guard your mind from intrusive thoughts of a declining society on how you should live life or be as a man.

You have a cock and balls, fucking act like it. Materialism will never make you happy, understand that you will always want more, better, and new. For that is the curse and success mechanism behind mens’ souls and hearts. If you are ready to start accomplishing more as a man and not being afraid of who you are and what you should and could be, go to runningbuddiesacademy.com and sign up for my free newsletter, and be sure to send this video to a friend if you enjoyed the meaning behind all of these quotes.

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